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Technological innovation has given rise to a lot of devices that make things easy and simple. The advent of smartwatches has given people a way to take note of different things. It can be used as scanning the internet with your voice, tracking your GPS location, or even measuring your heart rate to protect your overall wellbeing.

About 21% of U.S adults use a smartwatch and the number is expected to grow this year.

ModernMerch Smartwatch

They work well when combined with one of the good smartphones on the market, and also, some models even work without a handset in a tow. We’ve checked all the top-of-the-line wearables that are made compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, which are available for purchase right now.

Due to the efficiency of these wearables, the sales revenue from wearable devices is expected to rise from about $16 billion in 2016 to about $73 billion by 2022. In addition to increasing sales profits, worldwide shipments of wearables are also projected to rise significantly in the coming years.

Smartwatch Features

The Modern Merch Smart Watch stands as one of the best available in the market. It is made from a high-quality alloy metal that is fit for the skin and leaves no reaction. Also, the band is made of silicone material, which makes it wearable. It can be easily adjusted without any convenience. Importantly, with a memory space of 128M+64M, you can save enough files and keep them. It serves a lot of different functions such as:

Receive and Send Messages: Nothing is more convenient than being able to send a message without having to go around with your smartphone. With this smartwatch, all you have to do is link up your phone by Bluetooth. This also prevents you from misplacing your phone when in public places.

Alarm: If you stay alone and need to stay awake for a few things or you work a job that needs you to wake up early. This smartwatch provides an alarm option that wakes you when necessary. The alarm tone is quite loud, which makes this watch stand out among its contemporaries.

Heart Rate Monitor: The day to day stress and activities humans go through has caused a lot of damage to the body. This is because most time, there is nothing to inform us of what is wrong with our health and thus makes us neglect it. However, this smartwatch provides an accurate heart checker. The built-in heart rate sensor aids heart monitoring. This is effective for sports enthusiasts during cardio-exercise because they can easily know when to stop. This function help minimizes overworking.

Water-resistant: This smartwatch is made suitable for swimmers as well. Its IP65 material aids it in repelling water. Therefore, you can use this watch without overthinking or having a feeling that water can cause internal damages.

Touch Screen: With this function, you do not have a problem with accessing. You can operate it with just a touch on the screen. Hence, it can be used while walking or even in a busy area.

Camera: This smartwatch serves the same purpose as a smartphone. Perhaps your phone is off, and you need to take pictures. This watch is equipped with a 3MP smartwatch that enables you to create beautiful memories with your loved ones. The camera is sharp and thus giving you a clear picture-perfect.

Pedometer: There are cases when you wish to diet of you started already but not having something to serve as a record-keeper, thus telling you how far you have gone or how well you are doing can discourage. Hence, this function performs better by recording and calculating calorie intake, counting your steps, and even recording every detail of the exercise.

Two-Way Anti Lost: It is well equipped with a feature that you can find your phone with it once linked to your phone if lost. This is also applicable to the watch. Perhaps you misplaced it and needs to get it back. Since it is linked with your phone, you can use this same function to search for it and find it.

ModernMerch Smartwatch review

In conclusion, the ModerMerch smartwatch beats its contemporaries with all these features, price, and style and serves as the best option for purchase.

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