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Sunlight is freely and continuously available to us. Thanks to advances in technology, we can harness it and convert it to electricity and heat using solar panels and mirrors.

Solar energy is advantageous for plenty of reasons. However, some of the best advantages are in the areas of its environmental and economic impacts.


Here are the benefits: 

Solar Power Is 100% Pollution-Free

Fossil fuels generate a lot of pollutants which are bad for the environment and our health. On the other hand, when solar power is produced or consumed, it does not emit any pollution; hence, it is a completely clean energy source. Solar power can help eliminate the emission of C02 and other pollutants associated with traditional electricity generation, and in such way, benefits the environment.

It Is A Renewable Energy Source

As long as the sun shines, solar power will always be available. Unlike fossil fuel sources, it is inexhaustible, and so it will never run out.

It Reduces Dependency On Nonrenewable Energy Sources

For the sake of our energy future, there’s a need to reduce our dependency on energy sources that are bad for the environment and are nonrenewable. Transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar is one way to support homegrown energy sources for the sake of our environment and our energy future.

It Leads To Growth In The Number Of Green Jobs

The Solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, and it employs about 120,000 workers. Supporting the industry by going solar will result in more employment opportunities in the green job sector, which is great for the economy.

Solar System Saves Cost

A solar system will help you meet your energy needs, depending on the size of the solar system and your electricity usage. This means that your bill will drop throughout the 20 to 25 years of your system’s life, hence giving you the chance to save on your electricity bill and protect against unpredictable electricity prices in the future.

It Has Limited Land Impact

Unlike fossil fuel, solar energy does not require extraction. Since it is gotten directly from the sun, it does not damage the land. This also counts as an environmental benefit.

The numerous benefits associated with solar energy, which are not limited to the ones discussed above, have led many people to make the desirable decision to switch to solar.

Residential solar installations make up most of the solar projects in the US; however, both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from installing solar panels on their roofs or as ground-mounted systems.

Note that a residential solar panel system is smaller than a commercial solar installation, plus the panels are also smaller in size. Typically, a residential solar system can range from 5 to 15 kilowatts depending on your electricity usage, while a commercial solar system might be up to several megawatts depending on how much electricity the facility requires to operate.

However, whether it is a residential solar installation or commercial solar installation in New Mexico, if you have chosen to go solar, there are several solar incentives in New Mexico that are put in place to encourage people to make the switch as well as help you save on your solar installation costs.

Here Are Some Of The Solar Incentives In New Mexico

  • New Mexico Solar Tax Credit: this incentive is probably the best for property owners in New Mexico. You can get up to 10% of your total solar expenses or $6,000 taken off your state tax payment. It applies to both commercial and residential installations.
  • Property And Sales Tax Exemption For Solar: your solar system may be exempted from your property tax payment in New Mexico. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with generating your own power without having to pay any tax on that extra property. Also, the state offers a sales tax exemption on solar panel installations. This exempts homeowners and business owners from paying state sales tax when they install solar panels.
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit: This one’s from the Federal government, and it is quite popular. With Federal solar tax credit, you can get up to 26% of your total solar system cost. If you decide to purchase your system outright, you can get your credit directly through your Federal tax return.

In conclusion, going solar is a reasonable step for homeowners and business owners in New Mexico. There’s an abundance of sun, reasonable solar incentives, and rebates, as well as great benefits for the property owners and the environment at large. If you are already considering making a switch to solar, you should get on with it because it is totally worth it.

About the author : easiertravels

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