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For any college or university, the student residence is an integral pillar of student life. Since students are not completely working, they will benefit from more affordable housing in particular. Campus housing also offers students the ability to mix with their contemporaries. Universities are filled with locals and students from far away countries or continents who long for new friends and experiences to promote student residences. About 63% of all student accommodation consists of residential and not apartments or common quarters.

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It can be a tough decision to move out of the dormitory and into an apartment. Sleeping accommodation provides warmth and ease. But beyond your dorm, suburban, and college campus, there is a wide city. This wonderful world involves housing beyond the school, which could transform how you live like a university student. Although it can be a complex choice to move out of campus, it provides some essential benefits that can make the decision simpler. This includes an extra living room, money-saving, creating your own rules, and accessing a wide variety of facilities. These are benefits.

Best Student Housing in Manhattan, KS

If you are searching for a rental space near KSU premises, then this blog is for you. We’ve picked the best student rentals near K State, so feel free to check them out.

1) VillaFay Properties

Number one on the list is VillaFay Properties. Villafay properties provide students from all walks of life with accommodation for more than 40 years. Today, Villafay Properties is proud to deliver a range of 1-8-bedroom apartments right next to KSU Campus. Their houses are made quite bigger to accommodate you and your roommates, depending on your preference—bigger off-campus for sale.

Typically, their apartments come with a real kitchen, private bedroom, dining room, and some other rooms depending on what you’d be choosing. Moreover, it is better to share a bigger, more adult area with a roommate. It would also be more fun to hang out and drink with your friends.

Likewise, you do not have to worry about safety because VillaFay Properties is well guarded, giving peace of mind by keeping you and your properties safe. In addition, their rooms are affordable. It is worth mentioning that there is no form of racial segregation with the VillaFay Properties.

The perfect aesthetic finish and modern furnishing combined with excellent neighborhood facilities make VillaFay Properties the best alternative in students’ living atmosphere.

The VillaFay put the needs of students ahead of all else in our new construction and growth. If you want a nice place to live next to the campus and friendly landlords, don’t look any further. Villafay Properties provide students with excellent support and assures that they fulfill their needs.

2) The District at Manhattan

The Manhattan District is your special and fascinating living place! They have the best of the best in their culture and are home to students of KState. Manhattan provides you with clean apartments and less disturbed areas, to make studying easier. Living outside the campus gives you the real world, especially when you never leave your home before. Basically, living outside the campus provides a mild step towards adulthood.

Also, they provide you with maximum space to live on your own. Importantly, you get to enjoy Basketball Court, Wi-Fi at Pool and Clubhouse, Pool with Sundeck, Planned Social Activities, etc. In fact, presently, you also get to enjoy two months FREE for an immediate move-in!

3) Prime Place Apartments

Prime Place Apartments is another perfect place for you. They offer the opportunity to choose your desired room and your roommates compared to the school hostel. Also, you can bring in your friends for a sleepover compares to your school hostel.

The Prime Place Apartments is perfect for pet lovers because you can bring along your pets with you. Also, they provide you with amenities like a reading room, gym, parking space that does not require payment compare to the school area, etc.

So, if you opt for a relaxing escape or a place to bring all your friends, Prime Place Apartments have an apartment that suits your needs. Prime Place provides you with an avenue to help you build a long-lasting friendship!

4) Georgetown Apartments

If you want a home away from home, you should get a place at the Georgetown Apartments. It gives warmth and a homely feeling that you can stay back during the school break.

No reason to withstand the angst of traveling every summer while staying off-campus. Students are expected to leave the campus at the end of each year, but the reverse is the case here.

If you don’t have a rental background, it can be tough to live on your own after graduation but living off-campus gives you a sense of how the real world is.

The Georgetown Apartments features leading-edge facilities, carefully cared-for terrain, and devoted workers add to higher living standards. Likewise, you can shop comfortably, to parks, libraries thereby creating ways for you to meet new people.

5) 12blofts

The 12blofts are ready to satisfy their tenants by all means. Their goal is to give students a quality living experience all through their stay. They provide a clean environment and enable you to read well and assimilate faster. Besides, each room is made comfortable with making studying easy, especially when you bring your friends around for study.

Also, you have access to internet connections, printers, and other educational equipment for studying. Likewise, you do not have to worry about food because there are several restaurants around 12blofts that would suit your taste.

The 12blofts provide optimal security for you; hence, you do not need to fear your safety because that is already taken care of.

Bottom Line

If you consider staying off-campus, you save money, set your own rules, access cool facilities, and gain some precious life experience. Staying on campus may be easy, but life and living the “real world” can’t always be ready. Hence, staying off-campus, especially one of the places mentioned above, prepares you for life after college.

About the author : easiertravels

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