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12 Most Breathtaking Bike Trails in Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you looking for a great bike trail in Cincinnati? You are in the right place. We have constructed a list of the best bike trails in Cincinnati, Ohio with the help of Jay Johannigman MD

For avid bikers, a great biking trail will provide a wonderful experience. Cincinnati has some of the best parks and trails. Jay Johannigman MD was a resident surgeon for 25 years with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and served as the Director of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery at the University Hospital in Cincinnati. 

When not fulfilling his duties as a member of the United States Army Reserves, Jay Johannigman MD enjoys bike riding on trails in Cincinnati.

Traveling by bike is one of the best ways to experience a country. Here are the best bike trails in Cincinnati, Ohio.

East Fork State Park Cincinnati

East Fork State Park

East Fork State Park is another great spot to mountain bike. This park is located on the east side of Cincinnati and offers approximately 10 miles of trails that run around the ridges that overlook East Fork Lake.

Trail map: East Fork State Park

Harbin Park

Harbin Park is located in Fairfield on the northwest corner of Cincinnati. It offers 6 miles worth of mountain biking trails that offer plenty of elevation changes, tight turns and will challenge even the most experienced riders.

Mitchell Memorial Forest

Mitchell Memorial Forest, located on the west side of Cincinnati is another great spot for mountain biking. Two loops of approximately 4 miles each are offered in this area. They run through forest areas and have many twists and turns, which can prove challenging even for experienced riders.

Trail map: Mitchell Memorial Forest

England-Idlewild National Park

England-Idlewild Park is located in northern Kentucky and offers six mountain biking trails of varying difficulty. This is a great place to mountain bike in Cincinnati and the Tri-State region.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is Cincinnati’s most famous bike path. It runs 78 miles and starts in Newtown, Cincinnati, all the way to Springfield (Ohio). Although the trail passes through many neighborhoods, two of its most popular stops are:

Downtown Loveland: This area is filled with restaurants, bars, shops and breweries. Our favorite coffee shop is Mile42 Coffee.

Old Milford – The historic downtown of Milford is home to a number of shops and restaurants. 

Little Miami Brewing Company is one of our favorites on the east side, with a rooftop bar.

It is well-maintained and smooth-paved which is a huge advantage for those who want to ride longer distances.

Trail map: Little Miami Scenic Trail

Lunken Airport Loop

The Lunken Airport Loop is another popular trail on the east. It’s a five-mile loop that circles the Lunken Airport. It offers nice views of the Little Miami River. It is a short trail that anyone can ride, and can be quite busy in good weather. You should dress appropriately as there is very little shade at any point along the trail.

Trail map: Lunken Airport Loop

Ohio River Trail

The Ohio River Trail is one of the most scenic cycling trails in Cincinnati. It runs approximately five miles along the Downtown riverfront. You can enjoy beautiful views of the Cincinnati skyline as the trail winds through various riverfront areas, including Sawyer Point Park.

Riverfront Park and International Friendship Park.

The trail will be extended to the east side of the city in the future, but riders must for now use road bikes to get there.

Trail map: Ohio River Trail

Miami Whitewater Forest

A great paved trail is found in Harrison at Miami Whitewater Forest. It is a loop of 8 miles that winds through various areas, including prairies and meadows. This makes it a quiet and easy ride. It is popular with runners and walkers, so make sure you keep your eyes open if possible.

Jay Johannigman MD still finds time to ride his bicycle, covering thousands of miles each year. He considers the Cincinnati bike trails some of the most beautiful and breathtaking in the world.

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